COVID 19       During this difficult time for us all, we have decided to continue providing Tour Services.    Our vehicles are always regularly serviced and cleaned but we are taking extra precautions during The Corona Virus outbreak.  All the vehicle door handles, seat belts, and other points of contact are being sanitized before, during, and after each tour.  Sanitized wipes will be provided for you in our vehicles.    We understand, and appreciate, that many people will have justifiable reservations about booking a tour and yet want to be able to tour with us on arrival in Ireland so we are making temporary changes to our booking arrangements.  We are only taking a deposit of €75 regardless of the size of the vehicle or the duration of the tour. For bookings made now that subsequently need to cancel because of Corona Virus, we will refund 95% of the deposit provided we receive a minimum of 72 hours notice of cancellation. We will make the refund of 95% to you, or at your discretion hold the full deposit against a future booking.

Q. Can we get collected at our Accommodation?

A. Yes, we will collect you anywhere within a 5-mile radius of Galway City and drop you back there or any other place of your choosing at the end of your tour.  We can collect and drop you off anywhere in Ireland but subsidies may apply if it is outside of Galway City.


Q. Do we share our tour with others?

A. No, your tour is private and personalized and you do not share with anyone else.


Q. Are there compulsory stops?s

A. No, we do not have compulsory stops anywhere on any of our guided tours.  Your chauffeur will give you information on locations that you are approaching but you will make the decision as to where and when to stop and you will also decide how long you want to stop.


Q. How many people can you take on a tour?

A. Our minimum number is one person and our maximum number is eight.


Q. Can we book a guided tour now for two people and increase the number later on?

A. Yes, but if the increase necessitates a larger vehicle we will require a minimum of twenty-one days notice,  Also bear in mind that the cost for a larger vehicle will be greater.


Q. Are admission charges included?

A. No. As you get to choose where you want to see and what you want to do on your tour we do not charge you for tickets that you might not use.


Q. Does Ireland West Tours organize tours of several days duration?

A. Yes, we can plan a guided tour of any duration with you.


Q. Do you arrange accommodation?

A. No, our priority is to make sure that you get the best guided tours.  There are some hotels etc. that we and our customers have found to be very good over the years and we will gladly send you the links to those.


Q. Can you provide a translator?

A. Yes, for most languages and advance notice is required.


Q. Can I see the Cliffs of Moher and go to Connemara on the same day?

A. We do not advise it, at all. We like you to have ample time at each stop so that you have an enjoyable experience. Both The Cliffs and Connemara deserve plenty of time to really enjoy their many different aspects. 


Q. Is a deposit required, and if so is it refundable?

A. A deposit is required and is refundable on a sliding scale depending on the amount of notification given.


Q. Does the driver accompany us if we go walking for a while?

A. Generally yes, but we respect the fact that some people like to have their own space for a while during a tour.  Also, some people like to take time out for a brisk walk or even a jog.


Q. Can we bring a packed lunch?

A. Yes, and if you let us know in advance we can bring a cooler bag and /or hot water if required.


Q. What should we take with us?

A. A camera, comfortable walking shoes, and suitable clothing especially if you are going to walk at the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abbey, or Connemara National Park. Bring a variety of clothing, the weather can be very changeable.  


Q. Can we go on a Dawn Tour?

A. Yes, we can start, and finish, a guided tour at any time for you.


Q. Is it possible to do a guided tour for a few days and then have our chauffeur come back to collect us and recommence touring?

A. Yes, we can certainly do this for you.


Q. Can we bring children on tour with us?

A. Most certainly yes.  If you need booster seats please let us know in advance.


Q. Are your tours suitable for wheelchair customers?

A. Yes, but advance notice is absolutely necessary.


"Not wanting to do the typical "bus tour" of Ireland, and not wanting to drive on the left, I booked a tour with Ireland West Tours. We hiked to remote churches, visited little known Tower houses/castles...all things that our amazing guide, Paul, was able to recommend. This was worth every single penny."

Marsha, Minnesota, USA


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Satisfying the customer 

Over the years we have had several compliments on our drivers from many of our satisfied customers. Click on the link to "Tripadvisor" below to read, in full, the reviews of some of our many happy customers.

"Jim was very informative. I was driven to many out of the way places and the scenery was spectacular. I can highly recommend Jim's tour, his driving, his professionalism and the way he goes about understanding what it is you want to see and experience."

AnnMarie D., Melbourne, Australia


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